Rotunda 11 Prayer Vigil at DC Superior Court, October 11, 2011

Closing Statement and Prayer

Offered by Rev. Michael Livingston; Director, NCC Poverty Initiative, Past President, National Council of Churches

Thank you for being with us this morning.  Your presence bears witness to our belonging together in the struggle to demand a government that responds to the deep need of its people in times of quiet desperation.  And that refuses to turn its back or hoard its God given treasure from the nee of the world.

I hope and pray our actions have deepened the resolve of people of faith to insist that our legislators raise revenue through closing corporate loopholes and requiring fair and just tax assessments on the wealthiest individuals in our nation and by cutting unnecessary defense spending.  We need to raise revenue and lift the poor. We need a faithful budget that cares for people and makes for peace.

Let us pray:

Sovereign One, God of many names:  You created a world of abundance, enough for all.  We fight and hoard, buy and sell what you intend for the whole human family and creatures great and small.  We plunder the earth beneath us and despoil sea and air for profit, empty gain.

Bless this small sacrifice we have made and the precious friends who gather round us.  May our witness be one spark among the many needed to ignite a still latent truth—we are one people sharing one destiny on the only planet we will ever  call home.

Compassionate God, protect the poor among us, we are they.  Almighty God, bring peace among us; every fallen soldier, every civilian casualty is a brother or sister needlessly sacrificed on an altar of folly.  Gracious God, surprise us with the joy of hope renewed in our willingness to stand up for another, to keep one another safe, to deny the luxury of the few for the well-being of many. Your will be done.

God be with us in courtrooms, in orphanages and hospitals, refugee camps, employment lines, classrooms and the chambers of government.  God be in the White House, with the family in a house facing foreclosure, on the hard benches and grounds upon which too many of us sleep.  God be with us now, and always, until, acting upon our faith, we make the world a better place for us all.  Amen.


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