Former NCC Intern Youngest Delegate to Democratic National Convention

Former NCC Poverty Initiative intern Kevin Bloomfield is a rising sophomore at Ohio State University. He will also be the youngest delegate at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina.

ImageWe were extremely fortunate to have Kevin in our office. No joke, he found the NCC internship opportunity through a mis-clicked link on Wikipedia and thought it looked interesting! Kevin said of the experience, he was “glad for the opportunity to advocate for those in society who have no expensive lobbyists, yet need their voices heard the most.”

Before coming to our office, Kevin worked for offices of state representatives and a Republican congressman. Democrat or Republican, we are proud of Kevin for his continued commitment to public service and civic engagement.

Here’s a short interview with Kevin:

Why is it important to you to be engaged in the election, and what role, in particular, do youth have in the upcoming election?

All elections have consequences. It is important for me to be active in this election because I support the initiatives President Obama has passed through Congress and the policy programs he still hopes to pass in the next four years. Youth should be active in all elections. While I am a Democrat I would love to have youth be active Republicans and Democrats, because only through active political participation will the concerns of young Americans be listened to.

What did you learn while working with the NCC Poverty Initiative that influences the way you look at poverty issues and the way they are playing out in national politics?

I learned that in each statistic lies hundreds, if not thousands, of individual stories. Thinking about SNAP appropriations in dollar terms is very dry and sterile. I learned to think in terms of the untold numbers of real Americans affected by policy decisions and how important it is to assist them in climbing out of poverty.

What is your hope for the NCC and the Faithful Budget interfaith community during this election season?

My hope for the NCC and the Faithful Budget community is for realistic budgetary alternatives to be proposed that tackle America’s fiscal problems while protecting our social safety net and ensuring that the less-fortunate in America are not penalized for the actions of others.


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