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Money and Faith: The Search for Enough

Money and Faith: The Search for Enough (includes a community-building study guide, ideal for small group use)

Recommended by Shantha Ready Alonso, NCC Interim Poverty Coordinator

In the introduction to Money and Faith Schut shares his hope that his book will be “personal, prophetic, pastoral, and purposeful.”  

In our personal lives, and in the ways we relate to and feel about money, he points to our need for the “nurturing companionship of a wise, compassionate pastor or spiritual guide.” In some of our society’s more powerful assumptions – such as “more (money, economic growth) is better” and “time is money” – Schut writes “we need to experience the power, strength, anger, and call to repent reminiscent of an Old Testament prophet.”  Facing great inequities and ecological degradation, he suggests “we need purposeful guidance that will lead to actions, decisions, and policies that will lead to a world with enough for all.”

Good pastors and priests are all these things. They are personal – they get to know us and honor our journey. They are prophetic – not afraid to clearly speak the truth. Even when that truth pierces our assumptions or challenges our lives, they invite us to see in a new way. And they are purposeful, helping us answer, in light of our own lives and the world’s realities, “How shall we then live?”

Money and Faith succeeds in guiding the reader on a journey that is all these things: personal, pastoral, prophetic, and purposeful.  The book is undergirded by the faith that, in God’s economy, it is possible to create a world with enough for all, for all people as well as the rest of God’s good creation. The book is comprised of essays from a wide diversity of authors, and is ideal for use in small groups, as it comes with a community building study guide complete with prayers, meditations, discussion questions, and suggested action steps.

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