Please Sign Religious Leaders’ Pastoral Letter to President and Congress

On Friday, if Congress allows the Sequester to set in, children and families living in poverty will be among those most hurt. There is a need for people of faith, particularly clergy and religious leaders, to bring a moral and compassionate voice of reason to Washington.

That’s why yesterday morning, more than 100 religious leaders from a spectrum of Christian communions and organizations joined together under the banner of the Circle of Protection to release a Pastoral Letter on Faith, Finances, and the Federal Budget to the President and Congressional leadership. Now, the Circle of Protection is inviting all clergy and religious leaders to join and sign the letter. I hope you will click here and prayerfully consider signing. You can find a short summary of the contents of the letter below, and the full text with a list of original signers on the petition site.

Lenten Blessings,


Below are the main points of the Pastoral Letter to the President and Congressional Leadership about Faith, Finances, and the Federal Budget.

Faith leaders have urged you to maintain a Circle of Protection around effective programs focused on hungry and poor people in our country and around the world. This pastoral letter offers faith-grounded counsel on the current stage of the budget negotiations.

  1. Thank you for reducing the deficit while limiting cuts to programs serving poor people.
  2. We are praying for you.
  3. We plead for a renewed commitment to respectful bi-partisan dialogue and an end to brinksmanship.
  4. We understand that the country’s fiscal health will require further cost savings and additional revenue.
  5. We strongly affirm the government’s responsibility concerning poor people.
  6. It is time to frame the budget debate in terms of moral choices that are understandable to the American people.
  7. We ask both parties to work together toward ending hunger and poverty.

Please prayerfully consider clicking on the petition and signing on to the full letter, and forwarding to clergy colleagues and friends.

Also, both clergy and laypeople are invited to click here to directly email your Senators and Representative about the Sequester.


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