Clergy in North Carolina Invite ALL Clergy to Descend on Raleigh in Solidarity on June 10.

Rev. Jimmie Hawkins, one of the NCC’s Pastors Ending Poverty, is mobilizing clergy in North Carolina to speak out against actions by the North Carolina legislature to undermine the well-being of people living in poverty. Please see the message below about the mobilization he is planning. ~Shantha

I am sure that you are aware of the acts of civil disobedience which have occurred in Raleigh over the past month. It’s has been a sign of discontent on the part of many North Carolinians who disagree with the policies coming out of the state legislature.

While it has not been discussed in the media, clergy have played an important role. But there is a desperate need for our collective voices to be heard. For many are asking, where is the voice of the church? And many more have been asking, where is the voice of the clergy?

We, as NC members of the clergy, want to gather in Raleigh on June 10 at 5:00pm on Bicentennial Mall. We are not planning on anyone getting arrested. We do not plan on entering the legislative building. But we are planning on lifting our voices to be heard as men and women of God to say that “We Are For the Poor”. That we stand in opposition to any policies, any person who would produce actions which injure the most vulnerable around us. And as men and women of faith, we gather for prayer and for a public proclamation of faith in a God who is a God of salvation and justice.

Download and distribute this flyer for more information.

ImageIn Christ,
Rev. Jimmie R. Hawkins

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