Learn Strategies to End the Federal Budget Sequester

Our social safety net is designed to serve as a trampoline of resilience that can elevate families out of poverty. It is meant to support basic public health, housing, nutrition, and education needs that give families the stability to actively contribute to society. Yet, with the federal budget sequester in place, that safety net is developing some significant holes in it. Those holes will get bigger each year if Congress fails to craft a Faithful Budget that reverses the sequester and works for the 100 percent.

Wednesday, October 2 from 2:00-3:00pm ET, join West Virginia Council of Churches Director Rev. Jeff Allen and Coalition on Human Needs Director Deborah Weinstein for a conference call about organizing, lobbying, research-sharing, and media tactics you can use at the national and state levels to advocate for an end to the federal budget sequester. You’ll also get time to share what is happening in your community and ask questions.

The call-in number is: 877-885-3221. The Passcode is: 7889131#

This call is closed to the press.

Sequester conference call


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